In 1931, members of Our Gang, along with many other Hollywood stars, participated in a charity short titled The Stolen Jools (aka The Slippery Pearls) for the National Variety Artists' Tuberculosis Sanitarium.  Our Gang is in the film for approximately half a minute.  As they sit on the steps eating ice cream in front of Norma Shearer's house, a woman attempts to chase them away, only to get a collective rasberry for her effort.  When the Gang spots "the cops" (Eddie Kane, being given a ride by Laurel and Hardy), the Gang runs away. 

     The Stolen Jools was released in April of 1931 and is the last released film featuring this particular configuration of the Gang.  Only Stymie, Wheezer and Dorothy (and of course, Petey) would remain when Our Gang returned in August of that same year with the film Big Ears.

     What follows is a small gallery of the Gang from The Stolen Jools.  In case you are wondering why Mary Ann Jackson does not get her own picture, it's not our fault - she didn't get a closeup in the film.


Front Row: Pete The Pup, Wheezer
Back Row: Farina, Stymie, Chubby,
Mary Ann, Shirley Jean, Dorothy
Woman: Polly Moran


Allen "Farina" Hoskins


Matthew "Stymie" Beard


Norman "Chubby" Chaney

Shirley, Dorothy

Shirley Jean Rickert, Dorothy DeBorba


Pete the Pup, Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins

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